Ed Hardy Tanning lotions are made for tanners who demand large amounts of active tanning- and skin-care- ingredients to take care of their tan and their skin.

Ed Hardy Tanning lotions are based on Coconut milk and contain a special ingredient for keeping your tattoos from fading.

The tanning lotions from Ed Hardy (Tanovations) come in four different lines:

The lotions in the “Exclusive” line have the highest amount and variation of ingredients for good tanning results and long-lasting skin-care.

The lotions in the “Premier” line is the alternative for economy tanners who still want good tanning results and better skin-care than from ordinary indoor tanning lotions.

The “Tanovations” line is new for 2015 and bring a new variant of coconut-based tanning lotions to the market. The bottles have a magnificent design and comes in convenient 330 ml volume, which is a little bit larger than the “Premier” line but smaller than the “Exclusive” line.

The “After Care” line are specially created to extend your tan between the tanning sessions. They are also based upon the Ph-equalizing Coconut milk and will keep your skin well hydrated 24/7.

Watch a more detail description of each lotion from Ed Hardy Tanning in the video-play-list below.

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