Aroga – European Distributor for Devoted Creations Tanning Skin-Care

Welcome to Aroga – the European distributor of high quality tanning lotions from the top brands in USA – Devoted Creations, Tanovations and Ed Hardy Tanning.

The purpose of Aroga is to provide high quality tanning lotions and accessories from USA to European distributors, tanning-salons and sunbed users. Watch the video >>> about how and why we selected Devoted Creations to be our supplier of skin-care tanning lotions for the European market. >>>

Why then from USA, you may ask? Aren’t there enough lotions available from manufacturers in Europe? Well, although there are many manufacturers here in Europe, they all seem to have the same goal – to make the cheapest possible lotions. Unfortunately this also means to make lotions with as little as possible expensive active ingredients and as much as possible of cheap filling, mainly water. In USA, on the other hand, with a market for lotions ten times larger than the European, there is still high enough demand for quality and also some manufacturers able to fulfill such demand. And the fact is that while many American lotions are very popular in Europe, I can’t recall any European lotion that has managed to become popular in USA.

Even if the formal rules doesn’t call for full disclosure of exact amount of ingredients (see separate video and post about ingredients), the legal system in USA encourage a strict self-control from the manufacturers side in order to avoid any law-suites against them. So there is really something behind what you can read on some of the bottles from Devoted Creations: “tested on Lawyers, not on animals!” A European importer adds one link in the distribution-chain compared to the domestic American distribution. Normally this, plus the added shipping costs, makes American lotions more expensive in Europe than in USA. How much more depends on the cost and profit levels of the European distributor and we are seeing examples of brands that become up to two times more expensive. My goal for Aroga is to give my customers the full benefits of having a European importer and none of the disadvantages while keeping the salon- and retail- prices at the same, or even lower, level as in USA. What are the benefits of buying Devoted Creations from a European distributor and why do we need a distributor between the manufacturer in USA and the country distributors and salons in Europe?

  • most US manufacturers don’t take orders below certain minimum volumes
  • and even if they do, higher purchase-volumes means better prices
  • the shipping costs also get lower with higher volumes
  • delivery times will be faster if deliveries can be made from Europe
  • marketing- and sales- support can be better localized

Now when you know the general advantages of dealing with lotions from USA and you might even have started to wonder if the “European” strategy of providing cheaper and cheaper lotions with worse and worse quality, really will make it possible for you to continue to satisfy your customers in the long run, let’s look at why I decided to work exactly with Devoted Creations. It all started just a couple of years ago when my distribution company in Russia, who used to be the largest distributor in Europe of lotions from the, at that time, largest and most popular brand in the world, got fed up on the high price-levels in Europe. Seeing their margins and volumes shrinking due to competition from small “importers” who brought the same lotions directly from USA at much lower cost, they asked me to find a new supplier for them. Given the experience from their previous supplier, the criteria we set were as follows:

  • The lotions should be of equal or higher quality.
  • The cost and the subsequent price-level in Russia should not differ essentially from the price-levels in USA. Although taking into account import-taxes and a higher VAT, the retail- and salon- prices had to become somewhat higher in Russia than in USA
  • The new supplier should be able to deliver in enough high volumes.
  • Popularity among distributors, salon-owners and tanners and support to distributors
  • Easy to work with (fast, honest and affirmative response to questions and requests)

For reasons as described earlier, it was quite clear from start that we had to look for a manufacturer in USA. Anyhow we tested some lotions from European companies. After a couple of months of intensive –

  • practical test by several people tanning in solarium with different lotions
  • readings of specifications (since all lotions to be imported to Russia have to be certified, we had to get access to the exact amount of ingredients, not only the list),
  • searches in Internet forums dedicated to tanning business
  • reference getting
  • contact with different manufacturers

There was one company – Devoted Creations – that stood out well above the others and that got the highest possible score on all criteria. Those were the main reasons for why Devoted Creations became the new supplier to our Russian distributor and to Aroga in Europe:


lotions that are based on Aloe Vera (and not water as most others. See separate post HERE). having their own, in house, manufacturing with full control of ingredients and mixing process (almost all other manufacturers outsources this key activity) excellent attractive design of bottles and packets very good tanning result, feeling on the skin and fragrances enough wide range to satisfy any demands


although Devoted Creations didn’t make any cheap lotions we were able to negotiate a cost-structure that would well satisfy our criteria and which would make it possible to compete on every market, also with much “cheaper” brands.


Devoted Creations is the fastest growing brand in USA for several years with no reported problems to keep up with a steadily increasing demand. The first delivery of a container with a test order went very smooth and fast.

Popularity and appreciation

The popularity of and result (for tanners and for business-owners alike) from Devoted Creations products and their support to distributors and salons were well documented in the most important forums and confirmed by our direct contacts with distributors, salons and branch-magazines in USA. This appreciation came to a large extent from the fact that Devoted Creations is one of the few companies really devoted to and specialized in making high quality products for the tanning industry. This means that they are not making high SPF-lotions in order to satisfy the artificial need for sun-protection inflated by corrupt dermatologists. So far my distributor in Russia as well as my distributing partners and direct salon-customers in Europe, are very satisfied with their decision to start to work with Devoted Creations, Tanovations and Ed Hardy Tanning (also made by Devoted Creations). The lotions have fast become very popular among their existing customers and are helping them to attract new customers from competitors.

What can you expect when working with Aroga as your main source for Devoted Creations tanning and skin-care lotions?

Here are the main benefits for you as well as my goals:

  • The best possible quality of lotions at lowest cost
  • Timely deliveries from centrally located warehouse
  • NO backorders! (due to the fast rising popularity of Devoted Creations, I need to work hard on becoming 100% compliant here!).
  • Easy, direct and optimal communication (e-mail, telephone, web-site, news-letters)
  • Training and marketing support

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